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Construction Claims 101: Handling Claims Like a Pro

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Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Preparing a construction claim is costly and complex, and doing it incorrectly is a good way to lose a lot of money. The business of construction is commonly faced with disputes as workers get injured, supplies shortages occur, and various delays push deadlines further and further back. Reduce the amount of money your crew loses by expediting these claims and following these tips.

Define the Claim

Begin by defining the claim, as there are several kinds of claims that are possible. Claims related to documentation, for example, or claims that relate to personnel. Poor scheduling is an extremely common source of dispute, especially as deadlines approach. It’s recommended to hire a construction claims consultant when these claims are filed against you. For one, these consultants know which documentation is most important in proving your side of the story. These consultants also know how to best present your documentation, and how to handle every aspect of the claim.

File the Claim

Aside from defining the claim, construction advisory services can help you file the claim and follow through with the process. These services keep your business ready to move forward on any requests the other party makes, and they investigate claims for validity too. Expediting the process does come at a cost, but claims also quickly add up. If a crew faces too many, they may become overwhelmed sorting through them all and miss out on opportunities to secure additional work. Not to mention the inevitable ding to their reputation.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in investigating construction claims and handling mediation. Lyle Charles is also a certified expert witness in the field of construction.

Three Construction Snafus and How to Fix Them

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Three-Construction-SnafusConstruction is a complex process where many moving parts must function together in order to get the job done. If those parts stop functioning, for any reason, money and time is lost. Manpower is just one example where things can go wrong. Construction claims management runs the gamut of injury and materials claims too. Read on for the three most common snafus in construction, and tips on how to fix these challenges.


Construction projects are carefully planned, but reality has a way of putting even the best laid plans to a test. On the ground, any small delay means adding to “crunch time” because the project must be finished within deadline one way or another. Interim short term management services can assist in these situations. That extra boost of manpower can be brought in for specialty jobs too, like assessing structural integrity or design.


Smaller crews are especially susceptible to poor documentation. Contractors who go independent tend to forget all the paperwork involved, or they handle it as a second thought to getting the job itself. This is the wrong approach because a claim could completely sink a business that way. Some disputes are easy to resolve and don’t cost much, but larger complaints tend to go to trial or mediation. If you have a choice, mediation is the better route.


A materials expert is sometimes required for a few reasons. Material valuation is the major reason, but these consultants also inspect materials on arrival and compare what was received to what the purchase order reads. If there is a discrepancy, that could be cause for dispute.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in project management, mediation and steel fabrication. Lyle Charles Consulting specializes in commercial and residential project management.

Legal Aspects in a Construction Project

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All companies need to operate within the law. However, depending on the industry, most face a number of legal hurdles. As you can imagine, it’s absolutely essential that you understand what these hurdles are and negotiate them as need be or you could run into all sorts of problems. Let’s look at the legal aspects of a construction project.

Long before your build can ever start, you need a whole host of permits to build. The exact types will depend on where and what you’re building. Furthermore, you and your customer must have an understanding of who will procure these permits before the build starts.

Obviously, there are a number of legal issues involved whenever you hire and pay people. This is especially true when it comes to building, because so many of your employees are union members. So it’s essential you understand how paying them works and even how many hours they can be allotted each week. Run into legal problems with unions and you’ll pay dearly.

When it comes to the actual physical structure of your building, there will be a number of legal requirements in terms of making it livable safe. Don’t shirk these.

If legal aspects begin slowing down your build, consider construction turnaround services to pick things back up and get them on the right track.


Lyle Charles Consulting is the company you need for plenty of construction advisory services that help make your build a smooth one. Whether you need a private mediation, an expert witness or just help smoothing over a rough patch, they’re the ones to call.




Hiring a Party Appointed Arbitrator

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The construction business is hard work, and as the owner of a business you might find yourself involved in one or two unwanted disputes over the years. It happens to the best of them. However, it’s important to resolve the issue before it goes to court. The problem is that resolving a disagreement between two parties is easier said than done. Many times it involves sensitive issues and feelings can get hurt and irritated. Whether you’re having an argument with an employee, a customer, or a contractor, hiring a mediator can help you resolve the issue without going to court.

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a third party mediator to help you resolve a dispute involving an issue related to your construction business. For example, you might need help with communicating your needs and wants to the person involved in the dispute; you might want an affordable way to solve the problem without going to court; or, you might be searching for the fastest way to resolve the issue and get back to running your business. Regardless of why you need a third party mediator, a mediator can help you achieve all of these goals. A mediator helps two parties come to a mutual agreement.

When it comes to the industry of construction, it’s important to hire someone with experience in construction mediation. But how do you find a construction mediator? Not every mediator can listen to disputes involving the construction industry and come up with a reasonable solution for both parties. Follow these tips when searching for a party appointed arbitrator:

Make sure they have experience in construction mediation. You need someone who is experienced in construction issues and has received the right type of training. For example, you would need to hire a structural steel expert to mediate a dispute between an issue that involves structural steel.

Ask for examples. It’s okay and even recommended to ask for a resume that features examples of mediation work.

Today’s blog post was sponsored by Lyle Charles Consulting, Inc., a professional team of commercial and business decision advisors offering a wide range of services, including construction mediation and business coaching. To get more information or to make an appointment, please contact the company today.

Get a Drunk Driving Attorney for A DUI

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If you are arrested for driving under the influence you need a drunk driving attorney to represent you. Getting a DUI can ruin your driving record and can result in having your drivers license suspended. Once your license is suspended it can be at least 1 year until it is restored. When you don’t have a driver’s license it can be difficult to get a job. If you already have a job and your license is suspended it can be difficult getting to work every day.

Many states have laws in effect where first time offenders are arrested and put in jail overnight. If they are caught again driving under the influence the laws are stricter. Repeat offenders often lose their license permanently.

Always get a DUI defense attorney to represent you on a drunk driving offense. They are experienced in representing clients that have DUI’s and know how to defend you. Be sure to get an attorney that is in your state. For example if you live in Illinois and need a defense attorney, you can search under criminal defense attorney Illinois or visit the website of Daniel Kay, Attorney At Law. Once you are on the site you can check out if he can represent you on the case you have. If you are looking for an attorney in a particular field of law you can search online under that field of law. If you need a defense attorney search under “defense attorney” in the state you need.

Poconos Family Resorts Can Give You the Vacation Of Your Dreams

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When it is time to really enjoy a vacation, you need to think about all of the difference places that you can travel all around the world.  You could go to theme parks down in Orlando, Florida.  You could also check out the gaming scene at a place such as Las Vegas, Nevada.  Many times though for those who have gone there, the vacation spot of choice has always ended up being none other than the Poconos family resorts.

When you go to the Poconos you are assuring yourself that you and your family are going to have the vacation of a lifetime.  The Poconos are known to be one of the best vacation spots for any family around the entire world.  This is due to the multitude of activities that are available, along with the tremendous scenery that goes with one of natures greatest gifts to humanity as we know it.  If you do not believe us you certainly will need to check it out for yourself.

If you have never visited the Poconos, now is the time.  There are tremendous resorts located there that service as great Pocono meeting facilities.  There are also poconos mountain resorts that Sky Top can set you up with that will have you dreaming of going back to this great vacation spot.  Whether you have a toddler, teenager, kids who are in college, or a group of adults just looking to get away, you really need to check out the Poconos for yourself.

Three Event Planning Considerations

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When planning an event you might be tempted to just skip all the hassle yourself and call up an events agency to do the job for you. There is actually a lot you can do yourself and for small events you don’t always need to hire someone else to help you get the job done. There are 3 main things which I think you need to consider when planning an event. These will help with the success, planning and measuring of your event. By putting together an event yourself you will also learn a lot and the next time you need to put one together you can use what you have learnt and apply it.

Deciding on a main topic
You will want your event to have a main topic that both the guests and the businesses/speakers all understand and stick to. This will help your event seem more well rounded and keep everything on message. The topic can be broad but there still needs to be one. Events without this can feel disjointed and hard to follow and focus on.

Decide on a good venue
When considering a venue consider these factors: Size of venue – will it hold everyone and all your equipment. How close is it to public transport, when does public transport stop and start, and how close is it to local accommodation. You also need to work out where people can go to get food and drinks during the event itself.

How will you measure the success of your event.
Decide on how you will measure the success of your event. Will you track phone calls, or website hits. Do you just want people to go away with more knowledge. It is important to know how you will determine if your event has been a success or not.

Best Mountain Retreats-Poconos Family Resorts

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The best thing about a relaxed or an adventure getaway is to spend it with your family and the Poconos mountains offer exactly that. With a multitude of activities to keep everyone engaged, you will be thoroughly satisfied and they will leave you wanting some more. There are activities that are meant specifically for kids and then those that everyone can go together.

Family retreats are great fun and they tend to be better if you are staying at the right place. There are several Poconos family resorts that are designed to keep the entire family comfortable and they offer several activity packages. Whether it is adventure sports such as Mountain Biking or Canoeing or just plain fun such as paintball, the Poconos family resorts have it all. You can choose between custom packages or pre-built packages depending on what you like and what is on offer. Usually, pre-built packages tend to give you the best experiences possible.

Another reason to visit the Poconos Mountains is the mountain activities. The terrain here is quite varied and will be suitable for beginners as well as those well versed with the mountains. Poconos Mountain Resorts have been offering privileges such as mountaineering, geocaching and the like for several years and being a member at one of these resorts is an affordable luxury nobody will want to miss! The beauty of these mountains can be best appreciated from the Poconos Mountain resorts and a trip here will certainly be memorable.