Have you ever dreamed of being some kind of mad scientist when you were a kid? So much so that for your eighth birthday, you probably asked your parents to get you a science set (which they only really got you because you cried your eyes out begging for them). Only figuring out as you got older that aside from mixing colorful liquids with each other, science isn’t really just that; it comes with this overly complicated cloud of knowledge (that doesn’t make sense to you most of the time), that either makes you want to rethink your life choices, or to go on ahead and upgrade your toy chemist set to an actual inventory of lab supplies.

Maybe some of you have considered a different calling. Maybe your love for mixing stuff up has led you to something more practical – like cooking and baking. You get thrilled at the idea of mixing stuff up in a pan, adding a bit of this and that until you create something that is fit for the appetite of a king. You live to bake that perfect batch of cookies that just come out of the oven looking like heated magic. You’d also probably had one too many to eat out of those adorable candy trays.

No matter what where you started, or where life may lead you, always remember that everything out there is for us to explore. It is up for us to figure out the best way to make our own out of it.

Article submitted by Pioneer Plastics.If you’re the very organized type (to the very detail) then maybe checking out some clear plastic boxes.