Purchasing property and owning a building can be a great investment in the long run.  By renting this property or building out it is possible to have continuous source of income every month.  Now, the rent received needs to cover the cost of the mortgage and it will also need to be used for maintaining the build.  The excess money can be great extra source of revenue.  Having an online tenant check is great resource to use and take advantage of.

As a owner or manager of a building dealing with tenants is necessary must.  There are great tenants who take care of their rental property, treat other tenants with respect and pay their rent on time but there are also nightmare tenants as well.   These tenants destroy the property and disrupt the lives of the fellow tenants and people that live around them.  Using a tenant screening service is crucial in helping to protect from having such a disruption. 

It is easy to find stories about these nightmare tenants.  These stories contain everything from not paying rent for months, destroying property to letting trash pile up until the smell is unbearable.  One thing that should be done for every tenant with their application for rent is getting credit reports.  Knowing ahead of time that a potential tenant has a poor credit rating can prevent potential problems down the road.  Knowing information about a potential tenant ahead of time makes it easier to make sound decisions on renting one’s property out.