There are many standards in online advertising. Taking into account the average time a potential customer examines a site, modifying banner ads to specific sites, creating a dynamic product: these factors can make or break an advertising campaign. However, if these factors have reached their potential, what else can a business do to increase the effectiveness of advertising? What if there were a way to discover behavioral keys and desires of individuals and cater advertisements to fit them? Truth is, there is a system such as this already in place. And businesses can use it. 

Behavioral Targeting is a system that is composed of different techniques and aspects of technologies which can capture behavioral data produced by visitors to landing pages and websites. With the permission of a website visitor, this system can observe what pages they visit, how much time is spent on a page, what they examine, web searches, and even what they click on. This in turn can create a profile that can be linked to an individual’s web browser. And when an individual returns to these websites, it can allow an ad server to display products and services that are more in line with this same individual’s tastes and preferences. The desired goal is to increase the potential of online advertising as it applies to the person whose tastes are being catered to. 

As long as the consumer agrees, the data can be gathered. In doing so, a company will be able to increase its revenue while bringing its customers the products and services they desire. 

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