Article by Wesley Virgin

Every business owner wants to know how to increase revenue, and if it’s possible within a month even better. Here are 3 tips to successfully improve sales and grow your business financially in the next 30 days.


Engage with your clients and be present. Accept that sales are a two-way street you need to participate in. Ask your clients what more you can do for them, focusing on the outcomes for clients will solidify and strengthen your business relationship. This is a way to ensure that your client is satisfied with the service you are offering.


Find a unique selling point in your industry. When many companies are offering the same service, it is essential to find a unique angle. Show your innovation and value to your customers, this is one of the best ways to grow sales in a competitive market.

Existing Customers

Reach out to your customer base regularly. Ask after their personal and professional lives. Do not overlook existing customers; they already have a relationship with your company and chances are they will purchase again. Always promote your service and mention your easy referral process.

Why Do Customers Buy

Focus your attention on why people buy? What is the reason they are going out to buy something or clicking online to buy? Understand why people buy and the sales will then take care of themselves. Marketing strategies can be planned around customers’ reasons for buying.

Leveraging Video Reviews

Video sells. When new customers click on reviews and satisfied customers explain on video how happy they are with their purchase, this is a very convincing and powerful medium. Offer an after-sales check-up service, call on customers a month after the sale and get a recorded review.

About Wesley Virgin,

Wesley Virgin is a serial entrepreneur and author of several eBooks. As a former computer engineer and personal trainer. Wesley Virgin is a focused and innovative millionaire that is also the owner of WV Media and an army veteran.