Lottery ticket sales are on the rise across the nation, and so are the many ways consumers can order them. In fact, going to a convenient store is not the only way you can order lottery tickets anymore. In Missouri, consumers can order them at gas station pumps and ATMs this fall, Time magazine reports. And in California, there’s an extremely convenient way to order lottery tickets without even leaving your home: Lotto Gopher.

Lotto Gopher is a company that makes it possible for consumers to order lottery tickets online. But you don’t get your ticket in the mail. Instead, a messenger from the company goes out and grabs the ticket for you. And if you’re worried about where it is stored, don’t be. The company promises that your lottery ticket will be safely kept in a storage facility.

When you order lotto online through Lotto Gopher, you have the same options you would have at the store; you can choose from all of your favorite California lotteries, including MegaMillions, SuperLotto Plus, and Powerball. In addition to offering the same lotteries, Lotto Gopher also offers the same price. The charge for a lottery ticket through the site is the same price as you would have to pay at the store.

However, Lotto Gopher is more than a convenient way for Californians to order lottery tickets. It’s also a social website, bringing together other lottery players from across the state. Lotto Gopher makes it possible for people to join lottery pools online, similar to the pools you can create at the office or with family members.