Summary: Before any construction can occur, certain permits must be acquired.

Working on a construction project requires multiple parties. Adding up the number of workers, lawyers, planners, and contractors, it could be in the dozens, if not more. With so many people working collectively on a single project, and with so much on the line, you need to make sure that you obtain the right permits in order to comply with state and federal regulations.

Change of Use

If the structure is undergoing a change of use, you will need to obtain permission from both the planning and safety divisions. For instance, if you and your crew are converting a former restaurant into a retail store, you will need to change the foundation and the structure of the building. It is also recommended to that when changing the intended use of a building that the appropriate modifications are utilized to satisfy the health and safety codes.


An occupancy permit is something that every construction project must have before anything can legally go on. This permit showcases that the building that is being worked on is up-to-date on the area’s building codes and that both the city and fire departments have given the green light for construction. Many owners turn to construction advisory services to aid them in making sure that the building meets the codes. This is typically where the project owner will specify the building’s use. Designating things like residential or retail is a crucial step in the process. Be mindful that without the approval of all the departments, you could be stepping into a legal grey area.

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