Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Preparing a construction claim is costly and complex, and doing it incorrectly is a good way to lose a lot of money. The business of construction is commonly faced with disputes as workers get injured, supplies shortages occur, and various delays push deadlines further and further back. Reduce the amount of money your crew loses by expediting these claims and following these tips.

Define the Claim

Begin by defining the claim, as there are several kinds of claims that are possible. Claims related to documentation, for example, or claims that relate to personnel. Poor scheduling is an extremely common source of dispute, especially as deadlines approach. It’s recommended to hire a construction claims consultant when these claims are filed against you. For one, these consultants know which documentation is most important in proving your side of the story. These consultants also know how to best present your documentation, and how to handle every aspect of the claim.

File the Claim

Aside from defining the claim, construction advisory services can help you file the claim and follow through with the process. These services keep your business ready to move forward on any requests the other party makes, and they investigate claims for validity too. Expediting the process does come at a cost, but claims also quickly add up. If a crew faces too many, they may become overwhelmed sorting through them all and miss out on opportunities to secure additional work. Not to mention the inevitable ding to their reputation.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in investigating construction claims and handling mediation. Lyle Charles is also a certified expert witness in the field of construction.