Setting a beautiful Thanksgiving table is easy when you incorporate seasonal hues, classic tablecloths and other elegant details.

Whether you’re decorating a single table for a family gathering or a dozen for a corporate event, designing a fabulous Thanksgiving table takes more than serving a mouthwatering feast. The following tips will help you create a chic table setting that enhances your meal presentation without taking the spotlight away from the food.

Celebrate with seasonal hues. The fall season brings with it a unique color palette that is warm and perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Chic colors include burnt umber, reds, yellows, oranges, moss greens and browns. Whether you’re incorporating cloth napkins or a floral centerpiece, choose a unique and simple combination of hues to evoke a festive theme.

Select elegant table linens. Depending on your color scheme, select classic tablecloths and linens to create a clean foundation for your table. Cream or off-white tablecloths will complement the other colors on the table without distracting from the rest of the décor. With lighter tablecloths, you’re also free to select darker napkins, chargers and plates. Just make sure your table linens are all made from the same type of fabric. For example, if you’re displaying an organza tablecloth, make sure that you display organza napkins, runners and organza overlays.  

Create a natural centerpiece. Instead of displaying a centerpiece with artificial flowers and leaves, feature the best of the outdoors with fresh leaves, willow branches and fall flowers such as dark roses. You can also use other fall flowers such as sunflowers or calla lilies in shades of red, burnt orange and yellow. Make sure that the centerpiece is low enough so that the guests at the table can maintain eye contact and engage in conversation.

Bring out the meal. Since the food is the focal point of the gathering, keep your tables clutter-free by displaying the minimal amount of serving pieces, plates and cups. You don’t want the table to feel uncomfortable and crowded. You also don’t want guests accidently knocking over cups or ridiculous decorations.

Incorporate these suggestions to design a stunning Thanksgiving table your guests will enjoy. And if you’re still on the lookout for quality tablecloths, table runners and napkins, visit Table Cloths Factory and order online in time for Thanksgiving Day.