1Written by Secure Net Shop

For the customer, the checkout page of the shopping cart can result in a lot of anxiety. This is the point where they need to confirm the purchase. This can result in an internal debate of whether they should buy the item, if it’s worth the price. They will also be mindful of the many risks, such as security and shipping of the product. These distractions can cost a lot in terms of sales so it is important to follow some best practices when it comes to shopping carts:

Clean layout

With so many things going through the customer’s mind, it is important to maintain the cleanest possible layout for the shopping cart and checkout pages. Maintain clear labels and buttons and make sure there is nothing confusing about the page or the content. Everything from the current contents of the cart, the quantity and every element of the total price should be shown clearly.

Guest checkout

Always have the option for a guest checkout. For a lot of people not having the ability to guest checkout is a deal breaker. It is the need to create and maintain yet another account along with the username and password combination. One way to get the customer to create an account is to offer to create the account on the thank you page, with only a prompt for a password. Most shopping cart solutions will support these features.


The best and most reliable way assuaging customer hesitancy is to provide a sense of security. To that end, display all available seals for certificates and acceptance of payments. In addition, show any other seals or logos of anything you believe will add to the sense of security of the site.


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