Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be pricy, but it’s worth it. Poor insulation, old equipment and poor maintenance can all add up to big costs on your energy bill. From getting an audit to making some minor repairs, there are steps you can take to dramatically lower your heating bills.

Request an Audit

Energy auditors carry special equipment, like a blower door, that helps determine places where you can improve the home and save on energy. The blower door, for instance, tells the auditor where there are gaps in the home.

The auditor’s job is to identify these potential trouble spots and provide some advice on how to fix them. Ask if your auditor is Energy Star certified, and inquire about the equipment used. What you don’t want is an auditor who walks the grounds and tells you what you need to improve by sight. Use a trained professional if you want to identify real potential savings.

Seal Gaps

Auditors can help you find several gaps in the walls that can add up to equal the size of a bathroom or living room window. That’s a lot of air leaking into your home, and it will affect the temperature inside. You can seal these cracks with caulking. It’s important to address this issue as any other changes you make will only be as effective as the insulation in your home.

Reset Water Heating Thermostat

Water heater service technicians can restart a thermostat, and help you find an idea temperature for your home. Maybe your water is running too warm, or the hot water consumes too much power overnight when it’s not in use. Lowering the setting by just a few degrees can make a huge impact on your energy bill.

Replace the Refrigerator

The refrigerator functions much like a water heater in that the device maintains a certain temperature all day. Energy efficient refrigerators use better insulation and mechanical systems may look costly up front, but you can recoup most of the money you spend on the device within a few years of energy savings.

What to Know About Water Heaters

You can buy tankless water heaters to help cut down on the costs of heating water overnight. Tankless heaters also give hot water a rush job, cutting down on the time you need to wait to get warm water in the shower. High efficiency furnaces also add air sealing to cut down on heat loss that occurs naturally.
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