One lady purchased a lottery ticket and became the winner of $450,000. Now you would think a young lady with that much money would set herself up financially for the rest of her working life. Just the opposite is true. It only took her nine months to lose, not just every cent, but to go further into debt. How does this happen?

I know we all have our opinions about what caused this and how you would have done differently with your lottery winnings, but I believe this could happen to almost anyone. That brings us to the topic of how important it is to develop your character as you work toward achieving wealthy. At conferences organized around Golden Touch by Zhang Xinyue, which are held in beautiful cities like Milan, Italy, we discuss topics like this.

There are plenty of great reasons to attend a Golden Touch conference. There are also lots of ways to increase your wealth.

Attend a conference in your industry. Get to know new people.

Read business leadership or business-related books, like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Watch educational videos on YouTube. Marketing gurus such as Neil Patel and Randy Fishkin often have golden nuggets to share.

Hold Staff Meetings where you brainstorm with your staff. Listen to employees.

As you stepped into more professional shoes, you can start working toward becoming the best version of yourself. These Golden Touch Conferences are fun places to network with like-minded individuals.