With so many choices in advertising today, it can be difficult to choose which type is best for your business.  Display ads are a wonderful asset for all types of businesses.  Display ads are particularly appropriate for businesses that desire a new way to promote their products or services or for those that want to grow their client base.  There are a few reasons that display ads are a great way to market your business.

First of all, display advertisers must spend a lot of time and energy researching the consumers.  Display advertisers use this information to promote their brand and reach their target audience in the most efficient way possible.  Display ads are only shown to websites that engage the appropriate demographic.  This is the main reason that display ads are typically very successful.  Display ads are more specified and precise in their aim than more general ads, which obviously creates a more powerful reaction from the viewers.

Due to the expense and effort involved in the creation of display ads, advertisers have to make sure that the ads will engage the viewers.  Often this involves a captivating message or attractive image that viewers can connect to.  Today dynamic ads are typically more exciting to viewers than static ones.  Many brands incorporate humor into their ads as well.  Studies show that ads tend to be more successful when viewers can connect to them emotionally.

Display advertising can be an impactful way to generate business in a localized area.  While display ads are obviously intended to attract consumers, they’re also a great way for businesses to network with one another.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by Ted Dhanik, the president and co-founder of engage:BDR.  engage: BDR is a leading media company that offers marketing solutions for direct response marketers.  Ted Dhanik has extensive experience with banner and display advertising.  Ted Dhanik was previously the VP of Strategic Marketing for Myspace.