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There is more to the advantages of colocation than simply just the added infrastructure. Even larger organizations use la colocation for the scalable interconnections and the strategic location of the data centers. There are two phrases used within data center circles that will explain why such organizations use colocation facilities when they can easily setup their own. The two terms are “carrier hotel” and Meet-me-room.

A carrier hotel is the building that is specifically used to provide the services to companies. It is a physically secure environment that has the redundant infrastructure. This is where the servers and network equipment go when you elect to colocate. This is where companies locate their systems that need to connect to other tenants of the same data center. The meet-me-room is the networking room where the actual interconnections take place.

As an example: Let’s say that company A owns the entire last mile to a specific area of a city. Now an organization wants to use a company B, but is located in the area that is run by Company A. Company B can come to an agreement with Company A and provide its services by getting an interconnect at the data center.

Los Angeles colocation has many advantages for medium sized business as well as larger organizations. The services provided can be used in different ways based on each individual companies’ needs.


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