Routines provide a framework in which specific tasks can take place. Routines that are repeated over and over will become automatic rather than dreaded daily activities. There are certain routines we all have incorporated in our daily lives. We don’t even think about these things. Getting out of bed, showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast–We don’t even give these a second thought. They’re easy because we’ve been doing them for so many years.

We can establish routines like this in our business life as well. Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins, has advice for business owners: “Creating a great team of leaders requires empowering others and creating an environment that allows team members to operate in a manner that enables personal fulfilment. If done successfully, your business will grow well beyond your personal capabilities.”

Create good habits in your business world and you’ll be rewarded by having a more organized life. Though this can take some time, it’s well worth the effort. Reward yourself for your new habits. Most experts tell us that a behavior must be repeated 21 times in a row before it becomes a habit. So this is a long term project.

Todd Collins a Business owner from Charlotte, NC reminds us that: “One of the least referenced qualities, but most important traits of a CEO, is stewardship.”

Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins is the founder and CEO of Red Hill Ventures and Red Hill Capital. Todd Collins has invested in a variety of Charlotte, NC businesses, such as community kitchen The City Kitch, and other companies in the technology and real estate industries. He is also an avid supporter of the local community through multiple grants and initiatives.