When most of us play the lottery, it’s a solo experience. We drive to the local liquor store and purchase our favorite game, pick our lucky numbers, then wait for the numbers to appear on the television screen. But according to CALottery.com, playing the lottery should never be done alone. In fact, as one of its rules on how to play the lottery responsibly, the official California State Lottery website suggests that the game should be a social activity.

The idea behind the rule is that playing the lottery shouldn’t be “essential to having a good time,” because it can lead to compulsive gambling. On the other hand, the compulsive behavior can be avoided when the game is played with friends and/or family. Here are some tips on how to get other people involved when you play the lottery.

Create a pool. A great way to play the lottery with other people is to create your own pool. You can create a pool with friends and family or even with strangers. Joining or creating a pool is not only a social way to experience the lottery, but it’s also smart. Joining a pool is one of the only ways you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

Join a member forum. When you order Mega Millions online lottery tickets through LottoGopher, you have the opportunity to join a member forum. The forum is designed to bring together lottery players who’re passionate about sharing tips and strategies of the game. It’s also a great place to chat about the lottery.