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Unless you’re buying from exclusive bead makers that design beads individually, most of the time, the beads you’ll be able to buy on craft stores are sold by packages or jewelry kits. Small and large beads are often strung together for easy packaging and handling. Tiny beads that are used in weaving or as fillers are often packed in clear transparent plastics.

Aside from beads, you’ll also need findings to connect your jewelry. Most common types of findings come in the following metallic colors; silver, gold and antique brass and marcasite.

Typically, buying from local bead stores are more expensive than from online and wholesaler manufacturers. If you’re planning to make use to thousands of beads and findings with one particular design, better look for wholesale source. You’ll get it cheaper usually by 50% compared to smaller packs.

However if you’re planning to buy in smaller packages from online stores, the cost might be greater because you have to add the shipping fees. If you’re ordering online, you can save by selecting everything you need into your shopping cart for combined shipping.

Online bead stores are best when you’ll need to make use of other unique beads and finding designs that are not available from local stores. Too Cute Beads is an online bead store where you can find Swarovski crystals and different designs on authentic sterling silver findings. You’ll also find gold filled beads and different marcasite designs on clasps and pendants.

Some types of jewelry findings are made of nickel and can cause allergies to those with sensitive skin. On the other hand, sterling silver jewelry is hypoallergenic and is preferred by jewelry makers.

Too Cute Beads sells different kinds of beads and findings, and jewelry kits. Check out their site for a comprehensive collection of rose filled beads, metallic and magnetic clasps and other jewelry supplies.