Investigations into construction incidents often require an expert witness as numerous details will need to be revealed. Since expert witnesses have experience in different elements of construction investigations like forensic sciences and scientific standards they will be able to yield better results. If you are looking at a construction claims management system, an expert witness is a sensible addition to your team.

As a construction project ends, there are often disputes, conflict, and claims. Most often claims are due to delays, but in some cases, claims can be a result of the project not being completed as specified. At this point, it can be useful to initiate a construction investigation, to identify if the person filing the claim has a legitimate right. If a claim has not been resolved before the paperwork or before the building is complete, it is best to keep someone who will look into the interests of the company at the site.

In some instances, construction companies heading projects may have conflicts with contractors, agencies or individuals working on the project. If peaceful interactions have not resolved the issue, the chances are that a once the project end, lawsuits can arise. Lyle Charles suggests to treat every disagreement as a possible claim and ensure that all correspondence is set aside safely. Information such as telephone conversations, emails, bills, and documents should be scanned and stored to ensure easy access if and when required.