Doing free hand printing work can be an extremely difficult task, especially when creating permanent features in a room, such as a child’s name printed across a wall. Obviously, if you are working with paint, there is always the option to repaint and start all over again, but, who wants to keep waiting for paint to dry after each mistake?


An easy way to combat this endless cycle is to use plastic stencils to outline the series of letter you are trying to affix to the wall. By doing this, you would be able to get any letter possible correctly painted on the first try. You can also find or create personalized stencils to use, in order to create the perfect personalized touch to any room. After all, why would you want the same walls in a room as everyone else? By personalizing stencils, it would be possible to create any kind of theme, which is especially important when decorating a child’s room with many interesting, intricate things on the walls.


For even bigger projects, or perhaps just bigger walls, a parking lot stencil may be a great idea when no large stencils can be found. Even though most of these stencils are, obviously, parking lot signs which are normally printed on pavement, the letters can still be used. You can simply cut out and rearranged the letters in order to create larger print on the walls of a specific room. This can help create lettering for any project.