The 21st century is the era of growing technologies. Plastics injection molding
is one of the technologies that play a great role in our daily life.

People around me always spoke about the importance of plastics and its great
role in our everyday life. "What is so special in those plastics?"
I thought in perplexity. But one day I looked around and understood that many
things that surround us and make a part of our everyday life are made of plastics.

The crystal-look aquarium I have at home is made of plastics. The toys my little
brother plays with are mostly made of plastics. The diecast cars collection
of my elder brother is kept in special plastic display cases (otherwise it’s
impossible to keep them safe as my little brother may break them because of
his carelessness). My dad has a plastic cord holder. It’s convenient for long
extension cords that keep getting tangled when you store them. My mother usually
keeps the food in plastic containers and plastic boxes storage.

I saw all these things every day, but I didn’t recognize that we live in a
world of plastics. I understood that it’s almost impossible to imagine our daily
life, as well as the spheres like the health service, construction, aerospace
and many others without plastics.

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