Putting in new or replacement seating in a stadium, gymnasium, skating rink or any other sports oriented space can be a challenging decision for an administrator to make, and one that the facility will have to live with for years to come. You’ll want to think carefully about the options available to you before you make a final selection.

You can get estimates from dealers if you’re looking to install new bleachers in a facility that needs seating for events such as spectator sport and other public events. Other may opt to search online to compare prices, features and durability guarantees that manufacturer and retailers are offering. For many facilities, the frequently arrived at choice is stadium bleachers, which are normally durable, serviceable and can hold large numbers of spectators if need be, while taking up the narrowest footprint of field or stadium floor space possible.

Bleachers provide basic seating on plank benches, which these days are usually made from either aluminum or molded plastic, and are supported by a steel frame underneath that support the seating structure. The benches usually graduate in height with each succeeding row, and large banks of bench seats usually are fitted with stairs to aid spectators in getting to the higher rows.

Although wood was the material of choice for benches once upon a time, its tendency to warp, especially in outdoor seating, which is exposed to the elements, makes it a less often used option in recent times. This is especially critical when it comes to portable bleachers, which can be telescoped inward and folded up for storage. Misshapen wood could certainly prevent that function from working over long periods of use. Plastic and aluminum are also preferable to wood because their cost is generally lower.

Generally speaking, there are two varieties of bench seating arrangements: permanent and retractable. Permanent bench seating is a year round, non-movable installation that can be stationed either indoor or outdoors and is usually anchored to permanent, non-moveable surfaces, such as concrete pilings or stadium walls and floor. The other kind of seating, moveable or portable benches, can be set up in a sports arena or stadium but can also be moved and relocated to a more advantageous position if the need arises, or can be put away for storage at any time.

Portable seating offers greater flexibility, in that it can be moved to different areas of the sports arena to accommodate various sporting events with differing seating requirements. Whether your seating is permanent or temporary you will need to examine what characteristics best suite your long-term needs, both for flexibility and for projected seating capacity needs in the coming years. With those requirements in mind you can make an informed choice.

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