The front door is more than just the portal into your home. It’s an important barrier against the elements that helps to cool every room in the home. Poorly maintained front doors leak heat during winter, and cool air in the summer time, forcing your bills to climb ever higher. With these tips, you’ll be able to identify the source of heat loss from doors and work on improving your energy bill through proper maintenance.

Check the Door Action

Try opening and closing the door during all conditions. Check it when the weather is dry or humid, and again when it is pouring rain. Make sure that the door closes on its hinges, and there are no obstructions preventing the door from fully closing. Even the slightest depression can leak energy from your home.

Inspect the Door Itself

Run your fingers along the sides of the door frame to check the integrity of the weather stripping. It should not be cracked or peeling, and it should not feel dry to the touch. Adhesive weather stripping is inexpensive and easy for you to replace on your own. You should notice weather stripping is bad with a quick visual inspection on a sunny day. Simply look through the door when it’s closed and note whether sun shines through the cracks.

Examine Locks and Mechanisms

This is more for peace-of-mind than energy savings, but heavy winds can still blow a door open if the lock is bad. Check the housing of the lock as well, and give the door a good shake when it’s shut to be sure that the pieces fit together well. Replace any parts that are old or don’t feel right.

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