The history of a tenant weighs heavily on landlords when they are trying to land an apartment, condo, or a house that they desire and want to rent.  Potential tenants do not realize when they go to apply for something such as an apartment that their entire history is going to be looked at.  This can include something along the lines of a tenant credit history report where the landlord is going to look at the financial history of the tenant to see if they are worthy.


Landlords do these types of credit report pulls in order to determine if the person is going to be able to pay their rent timely each and every month.  This can save the landlord a lot of time and aggravation down the line.  The last thing that a landlord wants is to have to track down tenants to get payment on the first of every month.  Landlords do not need that headache and would rather focus on getting the apartment building updated as frequently as possible and addressing any real problems that may pop up.