Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Summary: Turnaround services fulfill an important role in construction projects.

Refineries need scheduled upgrades in order to run properly, and for longer periods of time. Plant managers tend to schedule these operations well in advance so that everyone understands what is required before work can begin. Still, extended down time is a bad thing. Construction & turnaround services help deal with this very problem by expediting the process. Here is how it works.

What Turnaround Accomplishes

A turnaround service is effectively contracting out to help deal with a specific problem. Revamping a reactor at a power plant, for example, is not a job that any construction crew can handle. Turnaround services are trained in responding to specific circumstances. They can also coach your existing crew through the process. Many times, businesses that are failing or seeing lower returns can only afford to hire a coach. Coaches can also help review a project before the work begins.

Basic construction doesn’t typically involve hazardous materials, but some projects can require a special helping hand. Lab setups, for instance, are a good example. Special care must be taken to set up equipment and build clean rooms.

Other Needs

Even with a well-planned operation, there is still plenty of room for things to go sour. Bad materials, for instance, can cause damage that can have an effect on the environment around the plant too. In these situations, hiring a structural steel expert is mandatory in order to test the integrity of the materials used. Failure to verify that materials are of the proper quality can result in damages over time.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in construction & turnaround services, including construction mediation and claims analysis.