When it comes to the summer months, the temperatures in warehouses and factories can easily exceed tolerable levels. This tolerance applies to both the workforce and the manufacturing process.

For the workforce, excessive temperatures can affect morale and productivity. The more comfortable the work environment, the higher the output from employees. There will also be issues with heat exhaustion and potential lawsuits for unsafe working conditions.The effect of heat on the manufacturing process depends on the industry. Materials that warp easily are more prone to heat and humidity issues.

For both issues, one of the most cost efficient solutions is to use Portable cooling systems. These allow the flexibility that standard unit’s lack. You can cool a specific part of your warehouse or factory rather than the whole building. This type of Spot cooling is works because you can cool a part of the warehouse where your worked operate and specific parts of your production line.

Portable cooling gives you the flexibility in cooling, regardless of your building design or long term cooling needs.