1Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Employer background checks are an important process when recruiting new hires. This is because, the cost of replacing poor hiring decisions is an expensive, time consuming process.

Do be broad and thorough – It is important to look into a wide spectrum of information. This includes an applicant’s education, employment, and criminal history, driving history, and social media practices. If companies look to a wider spectrum they would understand their applicants in more detail and avoid losing good candidates.

Don’t use the “box”- This is the questions that asks the candidates “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”. Try to avoid this question, which can cause immediate discrimination. Instead consider all applicants equally.

Do follow the law – Some of the background checks require legal release from the applicant. It is best to get consent, together with informing the candidate of his/ her rights.

Do follow the rules – It is important as an employer that you conduct proper employment screening processes for all new hires. The rules concerning employment screening should be based on federal, state, local and job-specific laws.

Do be consistent – All applicants hired by the company should follow the same searches and investigations. Although, different positions may require more extensive investigations, positions that are similar should follow a uniformed process.

Don’t fail to communicate – If an employment screening uncovers a information that may impact the hiring of an applicant, you should inform the applicant of this information and why it impacts his/her hire.


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