Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Sometimes your job is just not within commuting distance from your home and you might have no other choice than to relocate. Relocating can be good for your career. Below you will find a list of factors to consider before relocating for a job.

Relocation contracts are legally-binding.

If your company is bearing the cost of your relocation, they will probably ask you to sign a document that would state all the details of the relocation. This is a legal document and you would be bound by the terms upon signing it. Read the terms carefully to see whether you agree with everything that is stipulated on the contract.

Think about your spouse and children.

When deciding to relocate you would have to think about the career of your spouse and the studies of your children. Try to find out beforehand on the impact that the move may have on your spouse and children’s academic life. Will your spouse be able to find a good job that will suit his/her skills? Will your children be able to adapt to the change in location? All these would have to be considered.

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