Credit reports for background checks or for any other reason are necessary to have in order for you to get approved for a car, home, or even certain jobs. By being able to view credit reports people are able to see what type of person they are dealing with. A person can either be trusted or not allowed to be approved under depending upon what their credit reports looks like.

Criminal Record Search

You should already be pretty familiar with the fact that most employers and even landlords will run a criminal record search before you can work at their company or move into their residence. This is for the safety of the business and the community. A criminal record search will provide them with enough info for them to decide on whether they feel like you would be the right person to work with them or to live in their community. Lower quality jobs and neighborhood areas that are not the best areas of town will be a lot less strict when it comes to performing a criminal record search, whereas high paying jobs and high class neighborhoods will be stricter.

Tenant Credit Check

To have a tenant credit check performed is something that is routine when a person is applying to rent a home, apartment, duplex, or condo. The whole purpose of this is to avoid allowing someone that is troublesome stay in their community. An application fee is usually what the landlords will use since credit reports can be rather costly for larger families.