Even if you are a bride on a budget, you can have a beautiful wedding without putting yourself deep into debt.  By getting wholesale wedding linens, like table runners, organza overlays, and a wholesale tablecloth, you can create a beautiful, elegant atmosphere for your guests.

Table runners are a great way to add a splash of color to each table.  Table runners are almost like a sash for your table; they lie on top of the tablecloth.

If you are planning a very elegant wedding, go for satin table runners.  If you are planning wedding that is a bit more casual, go for taffeta table runners.  There are enough fabrics and colors to suit any bride’s style.  And, they fit into any budget.  Table runners are available in satin, polyester, and virtually any other fabric.

Table runners are a great way to incorporate color – gradually.  For example, if you want to include bright green into your color scheme, but you do not want a bunch of bright green tablecloths, get some bright green table runners.  They will add some flair to your tables without looking tacky.

 If you want something a little more dramatic than table runners, opt for organza overlays.  Bigger than table runners, but smaller than a tablecloth, organza overlays go on top of your tablecloth.  In fact, organza overlays are so large that your tablecloth only peeks out at the bottom. 

Organza overlays are elegant; they are either made of silk or a cheaper silk-like material.  Like table runners, they can add a splash of color, without going overboard.  Since they come in a variety of colors, you can coordinate your organza overlays with your napkins, chair sashes, and other wedding linens.  And, as an added benefit, organza overlays can be used with round, rectangle, or square tables.

With table runners and organza overlays, you can save money on tablecloths.  In fact, a wholesale tablecloth is the perfect pick.  Since table runners, organza overlays, and other wedding linens cover up big portions of each tablecloth, there is no reason to spend a fortune on them.