Air conditioners in homes throughout the country have an important job during the hottest days of summer and the coldest days of winter. By regulating the temperature of air throughout your home, you can experience the privilege of comfortable living conditions throughout the year. However, your home can grow very uncomfortable when your air conditioner stops blowing cold air, especially in the sweltering summer heat.

There are multiple explanations for why your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air according to HVAC repair altadena. One of the simplest and most common explanations is that dirt is blocking essential components such as your AC’s air filter or vents. This issue can be fixed with a simple cleaning, but there are also more serious issues that can prevent your AC from blowing cold air. Your heat pump or the coils housing your AC’s refrigerant may be damaged, taking away your AC’s ability to regulate the temperature of your house’s air. If your refrigerant leaks, it may even lead to further problems, such as complete system failure.

Other issues that may lead to the loss of cold air include faulty thermostats and frozen coils. If you live in areas that become frigid during winter, you may be susceptible to frozen evaporator coils, which can be hard to access if you don’t know how to safely open your AC unit.

Damaged or frozen parts usually require the insightful eye of a trained AC or HVAC technician to resolve. If you live in Southern California, you can experience the expertise and trustworthy service provided by Quality Master Heating and Air Conditioning. Quality Master Heating and Air Conditioning has reliably provided AC repair in La Cañada, Pasadena, Glendale, Eagle Rock, Alhambra, Altadena, and Arcadia.