Written by Al Donohue

Are you living in New Jersey? Perhaps in a neighborhood such as Ridgewood NJ? If so, do you need to worry about financial security or financial stability? The answer to that question, is actually another question. And that is “Are you able to live within your means?” That means that you should not spend like you’re rich. As a matter of fact, even rich people spend like they earn minimum wage – save of course, all the nice and expensive shiny things that they already have. You should not live beyond your means; this is what you should take from all of this. Become financially stable does not have to mean that you earn a six-figure salary. If you work hard, and you have all the qualifications, you will be able to get to that point in your career. But in the meantime that you are earning a median salary, you should learn how to spend what you can, and save whatever else you don’t spend. Do not be fooled by credit cards and their credit limits, that does not mean that you are rich. What determines whether or not you are rich is your bank balance, and the number of assets that you have under your name. That just goes to say that you should not be buying something worth ten thousand dollars when in fact you make about twice that amount in a year. Do not buy something you cannot pay off. That’s the trick to it, and those are words to live by.


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