Real estate agents, especially newbies, are finding themselves in an increasingly competitive environment searching for buyers and sellers. Although sales are higher than they were, the market is still very tight and deals can be elusive. That’s why it’s important to build a sphere of influence in your region, so that people around you keep your name in their minds when they are ready to make their moves. Following these methods, you’ll be able to maintain contact lists and keep yourself available to your clients.

Attend Conventions

Try to attend some conventions in your area on home improvement, home buying, or just general real estate topics. Being part of the knowledge circuit will help you brand yourself as an expert. Use your experience to inform your talks, like sharing stories you have about investments gone right. Don’t draw directly from your clients, that borders on unethical, but you can certainly use your experience to inform your discussions.

With work, and a snappy slideshow, you can make the circuit of most conventions if you decide to keep up with it. Speaking at even one of these shows would vastly increase your visibility, and would help to establish your own name as a brand.

Practical Freebies

Every agent is used to carrying a business card, and indulging in a bit of advertising here and there. Try to think practical with your branding, like purchasing branded versions of things people need. For instance, could you order small tape measures with your name and phone number on them to use during a showing? Perhaps pens or note pads with your branding, so that clients can draw layouts as they browse your open house. Thinking outside the box, and doing it well, also has a certain “wow” factor for new viewers.

By: Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a lifestyle brand and real estate brokerage firm based out of Irvine, California. Kuba Jewgieniew is a former stock broker with a passion for data-driven sales.