Choosing the Right Construction Expert Witness is Important for your ClaimLooking for the right construction expert witness can be a difficult one as their qualifications, knowledge and testimonial experience all play a factor in the result.
By simply having a degree doesn’t make your witness fully qualified as maintaining that notion will only leave you narrowing your scope down and ultimately missing out on the right candidate.


One option out of the pool of experts that can choose out of is architects. The reason many attorneys choose architects for a witness are primarily based on their experience with defective work along with sufficient construction knowledge. The only downside is whether or not they have any experience with testifying and the legal process. Many times high-end projects are handled by architects which is a reason why tradesmen are not valued as highly.


Your expert must have knowledge pertaining to defects within projects. Each component of the issue at hand should be handled with expertise and a solid understanding of the underlying problem. In the case of a specialty opinion, you could look into consulting with an engineer as engineering or plumbing cases could arise. Although the cases are rare, it definitely is an option that is worth considering. Construction claims management services often advise clients to choose an expert that has a specialty with the construction issue.


Be sure to educate yourself on the specific details of the entire claim, which will help you determine the right candidate. Also, do valuable research on the specialty experts out there as well. Insight into their level of knowledge will not only be based on the degree but their involvement within the construction industry.
Bio: Lyle Charles, of Lyle Charles Consulting, is a structural steel expert, seasoned executive, coach and mediator.