If you work in any forensics office, you will find that there a many different ways to identify people. Fingerprints are the first way in which people are identified. You’ve seen these on any crime TV. show. Finger printing kits have all of the supplies such as pads and ink to take accurate finger prints at remote locations. There are also special kinds of kits, such as semi-inkless pads or inking slabs. These are useful for transferring finger print forms. Some kits also offer additional products like cleaners, wipes and solvents to keep as clean as possible.

There are a lot of different types of finger print supplies. One of the really interesting devices is the prescan fingerprint enhancers. This was created to limit the impact of uncontrollable elements and to ensure the fingerprints recorded are usable and clear every use.If you use the enhancer, it makes sure there is plenty of solution on the finger to get a clear print. The solution is especially effective because it’s colorless, and therefore, the quality of the fingerprint is increased.You don’t have to be a forensic examiner to use one of these. If you are a notary public who needs fingerprinting kits, these kinds of products will be useful.

In addition to fingerprinting supplies, there is of course, the forensic kit. These state-of-the-art products can be used as a system for taking drug and narcotics tests. Although these can be quite expensive, there is no doubt that these products can be the guiding force in a solved mystery.