In addition to buying silver, if there was ever a good time to invest in gold, it’s now. As investors continue to fret about the global economy, the yellow metal continues to peak buying interest despite the obstacles brought forward by a strong dollar. The Wall Street Journal reports that since dropping from $1,900 an ounce early last week, the gold market has indeed lost some of its shine; some traders cashed out in time to make money from gold’s rise amid a stronger dollar.

However, along with the dollar, gold is still considered a “safe haven” and, according to the Wall Street Journal, it can rise when investors are looking to stay away from “perceived risky assets such as stocks and commodities.”

Analysts expect price dips to be brief during the end of the calendar, according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s when India, the world’s largest gold market, purchases gold for the wedding and festival season.

Disclosure: this is a paid blog posting.