If you’re ready to update your furniture then new sofa cushions are a great idea. This can give your furniture a better look and feel. Plus, new sofa cushions will make it nicer for your guests to recline on the couch.

Cushions do break down over time. This is something that we’ve all experienced. Perhaps the furniture itself is still sturdy but the cushions are too soft or they are lumpy. It’s such a waste to throw the whole set of furniture away when you can simply replace the cushions. If you’re really crafty on the sewing machine, you can also replace the covers.

Tips for Recovering your Sofa Cushions

Try to find a fabric that is heavy and durable. Look for colors that blend well with the existing furniture. For instance, if your sofa is green, you could select a fabric with a geometric shape that contains green, blue, yellow or other augmenting colors. If the furniture is a solid color, then choose a contrasting fabric with a design on it.

Sometimes you can get fabric swatches and take them home to see whether they will look good with other room décor. When painting a room, it’s sometimes helpful to paint small areas of the wall to see if the paints is exactly right. Though colors can look good in a store, it’s much different when you get them home.

The Foam Factory has an amazing selection of the various types of foam. You can have this cut to any size or width.