Summary: Having the right tools on your mobile cart can help speed up your workflow.

A robust organization system can take time to set up but it would ultimately save you more time in the long-term. One technique that can significantly speed up your workflow is to set up a mobile tool cart you can move around your workplace. Instead of having every single tool in a shed or closet, you can keep some essentials on you when you need to go a bit further away.

If you have a variety of different tools in your workspace you might be wondering which ones you should keep on your cart. With only so much space available on the cart and so much you can put on it before it becomes too heavy to bring around, you need to know what to keep on the cart.

Versatile Tools

The point of having a mobile tool cart is to have a convenient way of bringing your essential pieces of equipment with you. If there are particular tools that can be used in a variety of different situations, you should keep them on your cart. For instance, equipment oil, screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts can be used in a large number of different scenarios. You could be tightening a lever somewhere on a train but, while doing so, it might come to your attention that you need to replace a bolt to make the handle more secure. Having a variety of tools can help you solve problems that might not have immediately obvious solutions.

Having tools with multiple purposes can help you cut down on the amount of tools you keep nearby but finding tools with smart designs can also help you declutter. For instance, a railroad locomotive starter with wheels attached can easily be wheeled around, meaning you can easily bring it around with you without having to carry it or have it take up valuable space in your mobile cart.

Frequently Used Items

Another approach you can take to filling your mobile tool cart could involve keeping frequently used items nearby. Gloves, safety goggles, flashlights, a portable GPU and wrenches might be used for nearly every maintenance job you are doing. It simply would not be practical to run back and forth whenever you need your frequently used tools. Additionally, you simply might not have the space to carry them all on you. A mobile tool cart could keep all of these essentials close to you, while freeing up bulk and weight on your belt.