Until and unless you are concerned with forex markets, and keep yourself updated regarding the latest developments in this arena, you possibly would not know any thing much about the term- forex megadroid. Well, that is totally understandable, because this particular term denotes the name of a comparatively new forex trading software. It was launched to the market just recently, in March 2009. The claim about this automated forex trading software, by its makers, is that it can perform consistently in any type of market. The price of this software is not very high, and can be purchased at a nominal rate of $97.


It is not magic or a miracle that the automated software seems to bring in excellent results while trading with their help. The secret to the success of these automated systems of trading is that they are based on specific currency trading strategies. These strategies work for the most part, especially when the markets are smooth and moving at a constant tempo. But despite the various tall claims of the automated software, it is necessary to recognize that none of them can actually work when the markets are volatile and rapidly fluctuating.


FX 360 is a unique kind of platform, which has Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, as Directors of Currency Research. This is a platform which targets at providing the visitors with updated and the latest technical analysis and results of the financial market research. So that they can benefit from this knowledge and apply it while trading.