Having hot running water has become virtually a necessity in almost every household. It is one comfort that modern homes cannot live without. Having running hot water on tap for cooking or having a hot shower on demand whenever you feel the need for it is something that virtually everyone enjoys.

Having hot water in demand is not free though, it comes with some associated costs. In a conventional water heater system you have to shell out cash for the equipment, then for gas and maintenance in the future. The conventional tank system, while tried and tested, can actually run up your costs in terms of energy consumption.

A more modern development in heater technology is the tankless system such as the Noritz water heater. In a tankless system, water flows in from the source into the system where a computer detects the flow and activates the gas igniter that heats the system to the temperature needed for hot water to flow out.

Going tankless may cost a bit more initially but it will actually save you more money in the long run. This is because a tankless system uses less gas and will cost less to maintain because there is no tank to take care of. A tankless system uses less gas because it does not have to constantly stay on in order to keep your water hot.