There is only one day in the entire year when your child can dress up like his or her favorite character and prance around the neighborhood without shame! Make sure that your child is ready for Halloween 2009! From finding the perfect costume to preparing the final touches, Children’s Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun if you follow these simple tips.

Browse online: Take advantage of this easy shopping experience. Sit behind the computer and explore the many costumes that are available online. Keep a list of your child’s favorite costumes and rate each one from one to five. Select the costumes with the best ratings and make your final decision based on whether or not it will be appropriate for cooler weather. Search for girl costumes that can be worn with leotards and tights or boy costumes that can be worn with long-sleeve T-shirts underneath.

Purchase the costume in advance. We recommend buying your child’s costume at least three to four months before Halloween, especially if you’re ordering off the Internet. Waiting until the last minute means less costumes to choose from because many costumes will be out of stock. Plus, if the costume doesn’t fit, you will have plenty of time to send it back and order the right size.

Know what you’re buying. It is important to clearly read the descriptions of the costumes to find out which costume pieces and accessories are included. For example, Cinderella costumes may or may not come with the black chocker necklace, headband, and glovettes. By reading the fine print, you can avoid any surprises and should have plenty of time to order additional accessories.

Get the right size: Whether you’re looking at Batman costumes or Fairy costumes, children’s sizes are clothing sizes, not an age range.