Article Written by : RAC Maghreb

With lotteries such as MegaMillions and Powerball reaching hundreds of millions of dollars, LottoGopher has turned into a superstar with lottery players throughout California. The first ever social lottery website that makes it easy for lottery players to order California lottery tickets online has been growing in popularity as more people learn about its convenient services through the media. Since its launch just three years ago, LottoGopher has been featured in numerous news stories; Media outlets such as Reuters, NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC have all run segments on LottoGopher, especially during the $600 million Powerball drawing back in May. The lottery website was also featured in Time Magazine in an article titled “Buying Lottery Tickets Just Keeps Getting Easier.”

As lottery prizes keep getting larger, LottoGopher is making sure the public knows that it doesn’t cost anything extra to have their “gophers” go to the store on their behalf to order lottery tickets. They even keep customers’ tickets in their secure storage facility. So how does the company get paid? Lottery players have to choose from monthly or annual membership plans in order to gain access to LottoGopher’s online services. Once a member, players can then order tickets without having to go to the store or wait in long lines. LottoGopher even has a public lottery pool. The CEO of the company, James Morel, recently told Press Pass LA that more people are taking advantage of the company’s office pool feature, an easy way for people to increase their odds of winning.