Among many arts and crafts tools, the stencils are found to be more useful, affordable and easy to use because they are only used for specific art needs. In many schools, stencils are used to produce learning materials like the alphabets or the numbers. They are also used for wall reminder, decoration and other artsy projects. There are different stencil materials available for different needs of arts and crafts tool. The brass stencils are the sturdiest and most durable stencils that one can get from the market. Because it is durable, it last longer than any other stencil material; thus good for mass producing a particular design. Brass stencils can also be customized to fit for a particular need. For quality and affordable designs, has everything a stencil artist needs.

Mylar or spray paint stencils are the most common type of stencils used for regular and simple art projects. They are normally much cheaper than brass stencils and could be easily found in the market. Spray paint is made of reliable and long-lasting material that is also easy to clean using industrial solvents. These stencils are easy to use and normally come in thick, plastic material about 0.005” to 0.014” inches in thickness, so that they are durable and dependable.

Addressing the problem of proper street and pavement signage is the use of pavement stencils. A pavement stencil is used to write simple reminders like “slow down,” “don’t litter” and other environmental reminders on the pavement. Some use these stencils to provide direction life “turn left,” “enter,” and so on. Usually, government, school and private establishments use pavement stencils. Although ordinary citizens can use this too for party purposes provided that it will not be used for vandalism.