Law enforcement agencies have now turned to inkless fingerprint pad technology to make fingerprint collection a lot more accurate. What used to be a sea of confusion created by smudged ink on fingerprint sheets, inkless pads now provide crisp prints without leaving any sort of residue on a person’s fingers. The same goes for fingerprinting in general. There’s nothing worse than having your neat clothes smudged with ink after having your fingerprints collected. And the worst part of that is conventional fingerprint inks are normally permanent, meaning they won’t be easy to wash off.

Meanwhile, for law enforcement agencies on the go, fingerprint ink strips are a must. They’re a lot more portable than regular finger print pads and are easily disposable. Where fingerprint blotters cause tons of inconvenience when used out on the field, these strips make it easy for you to collect prints in the most remote of locations. If you want a clean and quick fingerprinting solution anywhere you go, then you’ve got to try out and see for yourself how great ink strips are.

Likewise, for any government agency that collects fingerprints on a daily basis, high quality fingerprint pads are a must to get accurate and fine prints. There is no room for error whatsoever when the only thing that stands between an accused’s fate is a fingerprint to identify whether he or she is the perpetrator of a crime. The same goes for bank clients who want to withdraw their money, and the only thing that’ll prove their identity as the account holder is their fingerprint.