A beautiful, sophisticated wedding doesn’t have to be beyond your budget.  With table linens like table runners and cloth napkins, you can make your wedding classy – without spending a fortune.

Just because you do not have the budget of a Hollywood starlet doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t be as special.  In fact, there are plenty of things that you can do to give your wedding an upgrade – without needing an upgrade in your paycheck!  One of the most cost-effective ways to add class to your wedding is with the right wedding linens.

Trying to save money doesn’t mean you have to settle for paper napkins or bare tables.  If you shop online, you can find a ton of table linens – like table runners and cloth napkins – that can give your wedding a classy boost.

Cloth napkins come in a variety of colors and fabrics.  Whether you want traditional linen or shiny satin, your cloth napkins can come cheap.  But, since they look so great, no one will ever know!  In fact, your guests will simply assume that you spent a fortune.
If you’re having a big reception, you can even find cloth napkins online at wholesale prices.  And, they can fit into any décor – whether you want classic black or splashy pink.

But what about the rest of your table?  After all, cloth napkins cannot do everything themselves!

Table runners are one of the best table linens to use.  They can actually help you save money, while looking great.

Table runners go over your tablecloths – meaning you can get cheaper tablecloths and cover them up with table runners!  Table runners are also a great way to add contrast to your tables.  Think of how great your table would look if it had a black tablecloth with a satin table runner over it!  Isn’t that much more glamorous than just the basic black tablecloth by itself?

Plus, table runners add an extra touch of elegance to your table.  You can take a basic tablecloth and throw a satin table runner over it, and, all of a sudden, everything looks like it cost you a fortune – even though it didn’t!

Wholesale wedding linens can also tie your entire décor together, without breaking your bank account.  If your décor includes several colors, you can incorporate them all into each table.  And, with a variety of fabrics to choose from – like linen, satin, and silk – you can create a feeling of luxury and decadence for your guests. 

How many other things can do that?