Ted Dhanik is co-founder of engage: BDR. As president and CEO of the company, he is responsible for managing several departments, including strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition. In addition he advises or serves on the board of several companies, including Fighter, LottoGopher, and Schizo Pictures.

At engage: BDR, Dhanik is responsible for serving advertisers with extensive marketing solutions through top-quality inventory, targeting capabilities, efficient pricing, and advanced proprietary technology. The firm is dedicated to providing solutions tailored to each campaign, and only uses brand-safe and placement-specific inventory.

Engage: BDR offers a host of services for advertisers and publishers. When it comes to products for advertisers, clients can take advantage of engage: BDR’s full range of products that integrate display, mobile, video and branded entertainment into a single network. Advertisers can utilize the firm’s RTB self-serve display platform, full-service video advertising solution, various types of data sources for targeting, and production studio.

Publishers can look forward to connecting with engage: BDR’s quality advertisers. According to the company website, engage: BDR offers a multi-channel platform of display, video, and mobile solutions designed to produce the most revenue for their inventory at the highest CPM.

Dhanik heads a talented team of managers and employees, many of whom are experts in the field of online media. According to the company website, the firm strives to encourage a work environment where employees can “inspire new technology, solutions and customers.” The management team at engage: BDR includes co-founder and COO Kurtis Rintala, a dedicated member of the team who is developing several web series for engage BDR’s entertainment department. Other members of the management team include CTO Ken Kwan, VP of Business Development and Branded Entertainment Jason Steingold, VP of Advertising Operations Raja Ghosh, and Director of Branded Entertainment Christ Vanger.

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