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Failure and Success in Business

Failure and Success in Business

  A few years back, when I started my first company, I really missed a real business plan. Actually, I didn’t even know what that was. Trying to look back at that time, it’s actually kind of scary thinking about it and that decision wasn’t very smart. Ask any business expert out there and he will tell you that you should always have a business plan for your company and if you don’t have... [Read more]

China’s Business Practices With The US

China’s Business Practices With The US

  China and the United States have had a rocky and often times strained relationship with each other. Even though China is on the other side of the world and at times, has come under harsh criticism for its beliefs, the United States still opts to make products there. Since 1971, when China finally joined the UN, business has been outsourced from all over the world to them. Most of the time,... [Read more]

Motivation in Management

Motivation in Management

What motivation does for management can be spectacular sometimes – it helps your employees reach their goals and objectives. You can usually find two types of employees in an organization: one of them has some internal self motivation, while the other one will only need motivation from time to time. Motivation can be temporary and external. If you’re dealing with the second employee type, emotions... [Read more]

Use Wireless Credit Card Processing as a Business Edge

Human hand holding plastic card in payment machine in shop As a business owner, you probably have the mindset of a money saver. You probably place significance on the ability to get the most value out of every dollar you spend. Possessing internet merchant accounts to give your customers the option to use their credit cards online for their transactions is necessary now for business success. Although... [Read more]

Working from Home Sometimes Causes Stress

The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association Economists are predicting strong financial growth for 2021. After what turned out to be a busy holiday shopping season for most retailers, the outlook is good for continued economic growth. The job market is also predicted to improve throughout the new year. Work-at-Home Businesses Thousands of laid off workers have found... [Read more]

Get New Sofa Cushions You’ll Love

If you’re ready to update your furniture then new sofa cushions are a great idea. This can give your furniture a better look and feel. Plus, new sofa cushions will make it nicer for your guests to recline on the couch. Cushions do break down over time. This is something that we’ve all experienced. Perhaps the furniture itself is still sturdy but the cushions are too soft or they are lumpy.... [Read more]

What to do if you are not happy with a business service provider

Article provided by We’ve all had this happen. You decide to refinance your home. Or you want to book a vacation to Maui.  Maybe you’re ready to do some home improvements. You look online to try and find the best company to deal with. After doing all your research, you finally select a business and move forward. That’s when things start to go awry. You get faulty work.... [Read more]

How Do You Build the Perfect Life?

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance We humans often have delusions about what a perfect life is. It’s easy to believe that a perfect life is one with lots of wealth and fame but we often see rich, famous people who are miserable. The idea of perfection may be our first problem. What if there’s no such thing when it comes to human beings? Perhaps we are all flawed but... [Read more]

Finding the Best Financing Option for Furniture

Blog provided by Curacao When you’re moving into a new home, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of setting up a living area without furniture. If you want comfortable, cozy surroundings that feel like home but can’t afford to pay for furniture in full, you may want to consider furniture financing. There are several financing options that allow you to pay for furniture... [Read more]

Corrected: AMB to buy ProLogis in bid to form warehouse giant (Reuters)

Reuters – AMB Property Corp has struck a deal to acquire rival ProLogis in one of the biggest real-estate deals since the financial crisis, creating the largest U.S. owner of warehouse and distribution centers. Go here to see the original: Corrected: AMB to buy ProLogis in bid to form warehouse giant (Reuters)  Read More →

U.S. personal spending surges, jobless claims rise (Reuters)

Reuters – U.S. consumer spending in August rose at the fastest in nearly 8 years, but a weak labor market and the manufacturing sector’s below forecast growth in September could hamper a nascent economic recovery Read more from the original source: U.S. personal spending surges, jobless claims rise (Reuters)  Read More →

U.S. World Bank pick to win broad support: Geithner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Jim Yong Kim, the U.S. nominee to lead the World Bank, will win broad international support despite an unprecedented challenge by candidates from emerging economies, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said in an interview Read more here: U.S. World Bank pick to win broad support: Geithner  Read More →

BATS founder pushes for IPO despite "freak" glitch

NEW YORK (Reuters) – BATS Global Markets, the U.S. exchange operator that withdrew its public offering Friday after a computer glitch sent its newly-issued stock into a tailspin, should develop a “credible IPO plan” and go through with it in the second quarter, its founder and current director said. BATS’ own stock was to be its first listing. View original post here: BATS founder... [Read more]

Mortgage applications surge as rates tumble (Reuters)

Reuters – U.S. mortgage applications surged last week, with demand rising to its highest level since late-May as consumers sought to take advantage of the lowest interest rates in months, data from an industry group showed on Wednesday. Read the original here: Mortgage applications surge as rates tumble (Reuters)  Read More →