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How to Get Max Value for Your Money while Shopping Online

November 3, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

max-value-for-moneyMaximizing value when buying on the internet is an excellent way to make discount online shopping even better. While you may hope that you can simply save a few bucks by heading to websites with free shipping, steeply discounted prices or great sales, there are a variety of other ways to ensure financial efficiency when shopping online.

Choosing a credit card that rewards regular, responsible spending is one of the best methods for making the most of your online shopping. Whether you are rewarded with airline miles, cash back or other perks, selecting the right card could provide you with significant savings over the long term. Similarly, opting to do your online discount shopping at stores that you already shop at provides you with the opportunity to link existing loyalty card accounts to your online orders; not only will you score the normal points and perks for your ongoing association with the retailer, but you may enjoy additional savings for shopping at both the physical and web-based stores.

Customers who do not like shopping at a new, unknown discount website will love the apps from websites like Ibotta, Swagbucks and BeFrugal; offering percentage-based and flat-rate cash back, coupons and other savings, these apps are designed to pay you for the money that you already spend. Available on a variety of platforms, shopping apps generally require little in the way of personal or financial information, and those that do not provide immediate savings often send cash-back earnings to customers via PayPal.

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Three Reasons to Switch from Cash-Only Business

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switch-from-cash-only-businessCash only businesses used to be the norm, but there are many reasons why businesses are beginning to transition out of these models. If your business is slow to adopt credit card processing services, there’s more reason than ever to consider making that switch. You do end up paying small fees on each transaction, but once you understand the system you pay less for a lot less liability. Here are three reasons why businesses are going through with the switch.

Technology is Affordable

The technology for mobile, EMV and online credit card processing is more affordable than ever before. Often times, small merchants can rent units for a reasonable monthly fee. If you prefer to buy your technology, and service it in house, there are multiple options with entry level models proving very affordable. Plus, accepting credit cards in store usually comes with the software needed to accept payments online as well.

Less Liability

Cash only businesses are a huge liability in today’s society, especially in major cities with high crime rates. Cash businesses tend to keep lots of cash on hand, especially if they are family run and don’t have people standing by to make bank deposits. That increases the odds that your store will be the victim of a robbery.

When you accept credit cards, money is moved digitally and securely from one bank to another. You don’t hold customer information you don’t need, and you get your money from the transaction quickly.

More Options

There are more options for credit card processing than in the past, meaning retailers can shop around and find affordable solutions tailored to suit their needs. Once you understand how fees are calculated, it’s simple to find a good deal.


Home Energy Upgrades for the Consumer

March 3, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be pricy, but it’s worth it. Poor insulation, old equipment and poor maintenance can all add up to big costs on your energy bill. From getting an audit to making some minor repairs, there are steps you can take to dramatically lower your heating bills.

Request an Audit

Energy auditors carry special equipment, like a blower door, that helps determine places where you can improve the home and save on energy. The blower door, for instance, tells the auditor where there are gaps in the home.

The auditor’s job is to identify these potential trouble spots and provide some advice on how to fix them. Ask if your auditor is Energy Star certified, and inquire about the equipment used. What you don’t want is an auditor who walks the grounds and tells you what you need to improve by sight. Use a trained professional if you want to identify real potential savings.

Seal Gaps

Auditors can help you find several gaps in the walls that can add up to equal the size of a bathroom or living room window. That’s a lot of air leaking into your home, and it will affect the temperature inside. You can seal these cracks with caulking. It’s important to address this issue as any other changes you make will only be as effective as the insulation in your home.

Reset Water Heating Thermostat

Water heater service technicians can restart a thermostat, and help you find an idea temperature for your home. Maybe your water is running too warm, or the hot water consumes too much power overnight when it’s not in use. Lowering the setting by just a few degrees can make a huge impact on your energy bill.

Replace the Refrigerator

The refrigerator functions much like a water heater in that the device maintains a certain temperature all day. Energy efficient refrigerators use better insulation and mechanical systems may look costly up front, but you can recoup most of the money you spend on the device within a few years of energy savings.

What to Know About Water Heaters

You can buy tankless water heaters to help cut down on the costs of heating water overnight. Tankless heaters also give hot water a rush job, cutting down on the time you need to wait to get warm water in the shower. High efficiency furnaces also add air sealing to cut down on heat loss that occurs naturally.
Payless Water Heaters provide California water heater service, and sell tankless water heaters online.

How much money you can save by having a tankless water heater

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Having hot running water has become virtually a necessity in almost every household. It is one comfort that modern homes cannot live without. Having running hot water on tap for cooking or having a hot shower on demand whenever you feel the need for it is something that virtually everyone enjoys.

Having hot water in demand is not free though, it comes with some associated costs. In a conventional water heater system you have to shell out cash for the equipment, then for gas and maintenance in the future. The conventional tank system, while tried and tested, can actually run up your costs in terms of energy consumption.

A more modern development in heater technology is the tankless system such as the Noritz water heater. In a tankless system, water flows in from the source into the system where a computer detects the flow and activates the gas igniter that heats the system to the temperature needed for hot water to flow out.

Going tankless may cost a bit more initially but it will actually save you more money in the long run. This is because a tankless system uses less gas and will cost less to maintain because there is no tank to take care of. A tankless system uses less gas because it does not have to constantly stay on in order to keep your water hot.


Things to do in Alaska

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The Alaskan waters are famed as being one of the world’s greatest tour sites. Persons coming to Alaska can enjoy a number of activities and have a glimpse of the renowned Stikine River, which originates from the Spatsizi Plateau and flows in a northward arc up to the Southeastern part of Alaska. It is considered an international river because it cuts across two countries. The Stikine River offers numerous attractions and pastime activities that visitors can engage in. These include water sports and bird watching. Visitors arriving in Alaska in between April and May stand a chance of partaking in the annual Stikine River Garnet Festival that takes place in Alaska.

Additionally, visitors coming to Australia can visit Petersburg Alaska and get to sample some of the best attraction it has to offer. The most visited attractions in Petersburg include the visitors’ information center, the whale song cruises, the Tongass Kayak Adventures, Kaleidoscope Cruises, and Stikine-LeConte Wilderness. Tourists visiting the information center will have an opportunity of learning about the history of the city of Petersburg and of the renowned Tongass Forest, which is located within the boundaries of the city. The other attractions are ideal for those who would like to take a sea ride and see the picturesque glacial features.


Starting a Coffee Shop: Some Important Suggestions

October 24, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Every entrepreneur has flirted with the idea of opening a coffee shop at one time or another. The initial idea may seem very desirable, with the smell of fresh roasted coffee, hip music in the background, poetry and folk music on the open microphone, and the like. Coffee shops have become the replacement for bars as meeting places. And every independent shop has that strong sense of community. However, as wonderful as all of this sound, don’t go ordering your custom printed cups just yet.

Okay, here’s the dose of reality. This industry is incredibly competitive. Don’t take this statement lightly. You see, it is almost guaranteed that a successful shop went through some pretty leans times at the get go, when coffee cups and lids were almost barely affordable. Remember that strong sense of community mentioned in the last paragraph? The loyal customers probably didn’t show up for months at the onset. Consumers, such as these, had to be cultivated for quite awhile. Stopping by a favorite coffee shop becomes a standard part of a morning routine, one that few people get the desire to deviate from.

If you’re planning on giving it a go, understand that you must have enough to buffer your initial investment. If you only have enough funds to get the business started, you may want to reconsider. The only way that a coffee shop becomes successful is with the passing of time and a consistent product. In addition, the love of good coffee isn’t nearly enough. An appreciation for accounting is probably a good quality to have as well.

Understand that what is being presented here isn’t meant, in any way, to deter you from your goal of opening a sustainable business. By all means, the desire is for you to succeed. However, the wonderful dream of opening a shop compared with the very real struggle to make one profitable can be two very different pictures. Rather you get a decent warning then none at all.

As it was stated, the coffee business is extremely competitive. And building an aspiring business in this industry will take a lot of work and some serious determination. If you’re not willing to go the long haul, including the financial means to get through the lean times, you may want to rethink your plan. However, with the right planning and money, if you can remain steadfast in your goal, and if you possess accounting skills as well as the barista’s touch, with some luck you may have a shot at making it. As the saying goes, nothing worthwhile comes easy. But the rewards are there for those that can see it through.


Store Fixtures: Boutiques vs. Discount Stores

September 30, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Store fixtures are an important component in attracting new clients into your store as a boutique owner. Garments and accessories must be presented in an aesthetically pleasing and alluring way. The front display, which entices customers to look into your store, is just as important as clothing and accessory organization. How you display your clothing will communicate to your customers what your store is all about. You must understand your target market and cater to their interests when designing a front store display.

High-end boutiques often do not have as much clothing to display as discount stores. While discount stores focus on volume, boutiques need a clothing display rack that displays all the intricacies of their clothing. A gorgeous spiral display rack with detailed embellishments are perfect for hanging designer purses, dresses and other clothing. Customers walking in a boutique expect a certain luxurious atmosphere. Using economical display cases could make your store look cheap, and that’s not something you want to show to high-buying customers.

Discount stores, on the other hand, need to open their stores up as much as they can so customers can walk through the aisles. Large, economical circular racks are much more appropriate because they take advantage of space. Economical shelves and cases are also available for display a large amount of jewelry. These racks and cases do not have to be embellished, because specialized design is more costly. It is better to spend less on your display hardware, because customers are more interested in low prices and thoughtful organization of items. Some of the biggest complaints customers have about discount stores is the clutter. Making use of vertical space can help you open up your store for customers to browse more easily. Use a gridwall or slatwall to hang clothing on the walls.

Rolling racks are imperative for large department stores. Clothing is constantly being moved from the warehouse to the floor, and back again. High volumes of clothing can be transported at once. Discount stores often use rolling racks in their dressing room areas. Customers can take a great amount of clothing in the dressing room and only buy one or two items. Instead of taking items back one by one, use a rolling rack to put unwanted clothing back on the store racks. If workers don’t have the time to immediately return unused clothing, it can be neatly stored on a rolling rack until the appropriate time.


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The Benefits of a Ground Power Unit

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A ground power unit is an essential tool used in modern aviation.  Their main function is to supply grounded aircraft with power.  Energy from an electric generator is contained within the GPU and is connected to the aircraft thus providing the plane the power it needs while on the ground without depleting its battery.  Depending on the purpose and the type of plane it is being used for, a GPU can look like a small box or a large unit mounted onto a truck.

A common use of a ground power unit is to mount it upon a vehicle which provides it the mobility it needs to be used while an aircraft is being taxied on or off the runway.  A GPU has enough power to allow the crew full access to the plane’s avionics.  This is quite handy during pilot training.  A GPU can help create a low-pressure environment which triggers events on the air plane’s avionics and provides a pilot in training the ability to learn how to read and use the cockpit equipment while the plane remains on the ground.  This helps a pilot get comfortable with all of the instruments before ever taking off into the sky.

This is also referred to as chair flying.  It is one thing to study in a book and learn how to fly a plane, it is another thing to actually sit in the cockpit and experience it with the safety of knowing you are still on the ground.  This ability to have better familiarity helps develop productive muscle memory for a pilot and relevant practice time to improve his or her flying technique even better than using a simulator.

Using a ground power unit for this training exercise provides the plane the power it needs to run all of its instruments without draining the battery it needs for actual flight or rely on the plane’s engines to maintain power.  This actually provides a rather energy efficient solution for chair flying training.  To be even more energy efficient, a plane can be powered with a gas electric hybrid GPU.  Much like gas electric hybrid cars, this reduces fuel costs even more and helps to reduce the amount carbon emissions airports release into the atmosphere.

Ground power is readily available in most airports.  It is effective and practical in use.  Without having to rely on the jet engines, a GPU reduces fuel costs and noise pollution as well has air pollution normally produced by an aircraft just sitting or being taxied on the runway.


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LottoGopher is a Hit with California Lottery Players

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Article Written by : RAC Maghreb

With lotteries such as MegaMillions and Powerball reaching hundreds of millions of dollars, LottoGopher has turned into a superstar with lottery players throughout California. The first ever social lottery website that makes it easy for lottery players to order California lottery tickets online has been growing in popularity as more people learn about its convenient services through the media. Since its launch just three years ago, LottoGopher has been featured in numerous news stories; Media outlets such as Reuters, NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABC have all run segments on LottoGopher, especially during the $600 million Powerball drawing back in May. The lottery website was also featured in Time Magazine in an article titled “Buying Lottery Tickets Just Keeps Getting Easier.”

As lottery prizes keep getting larger, LottoGopher is making sure the public knows that it doesn’t cost anything extra to have their “gophers” go to the store on their behalf to order lottery tickets. They even keep customers’ tickets in their secure storage facility. So how does the company get paid? Lottery players have to choose from monthly or annual membership plans in order to gain access to LottoGopher’s online services. Once a member, players can then order tickets without having to go to the store or wait in long lines. LottoGopher even has a public lottery pool. The CEO of the company, James Morel, recently told Press Pass LA that more people are taking advantage of the company’s office pool feature, an easy way for people to increase their odds of winning.

Choose a Private Mail Service for Order Fulfillment in the US

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There are many private pack, ship and mail service stores around the country, and people are increasingly more interested in using them. The main goal of this service is to protect the identity of the customers from thieves. With identity theft on the rise, people are more cautious about how their mail is handled. For example, in 2012 there were over 12.6 million Americans who fell victim to identity theft according to the Federal Trade Commission. This number has increased approximately one million since last year

Other mail services available include USA order fulfillment. These services help you navigate US shipping rules and help you keep up to date with product regulations. Many of these service providers offer clients the ability to monitor orders online and manage their inventory from any place at any time.

Foreign manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can reach individual customers in the USA with order fulfillment. These services handle all of your USA inventory including the packaging and forwarding. Many mail forwarding companies offer their services at reasonable rates, which means you don’t have to hand off a large expense to your customers.

First, send the mail services the inventory of your product. You can sell your product via your website or your E-Bay account. Your mail service will then ship your order to your customers fast and easy. Good mail services offer an inventory manager online so you can view transactions at any time. Mail forwarding is simple with a good service provider. Try mail forwarding today!

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