There are many private pack, ship and mail service stores around the country, and people are increasingly more interested in using them. The main goal of this service is to protect the identity of the customers from thieves. With identity theft on the rise, people are more cautious about how their mail is handled. For example, in 2012 there were over 12.6 million Americans who fell victim to identity theft according to the Federal Trade Commission. This number has increased approximately one million since last year

Other mail services available include USA order fulfillment. These services help you navigate US shipping rules and help you keep up to date with product regulations. Many of these service providers offer clients the ability to monitor orders online and manage their inventory from any place at any time.

Foreign manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can reach individual customers in the USA with order fulfillment. These services handle all of your USA inventory including the packaging and forwarding. Many mail forwarding companies offer their services at reasonable rates, which means you don’t have to hand off a large expense to your customers.

First, send the mail services the inventory of your product. You can sell your product via your website or your E-Bay account. Your mail service will then ship your order to your customers fast and easy. Good mail services offer an inventory manager online so you can view transactions at any time. Mail forwarding is simple with a good service provider. Try mail forwarding today!

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