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Save Time by Hiring a Search Marketing Agency

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Search marketing is one of the most popular and efficient ways to promote your business online and get more customers. However, if you have little experience with online marketing, running your own search engine marketing campaigns can be quite a challenge. Even though the advertising platforms may look simple at first glance, there are many things that you would need to learn if you want to make the most efficient use of your online advertising budget. Any mistakes that you make can end up being quite costly. For this reason, you may want to hire a search engine marketing firm to manage your ad campaigns for you.

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Doing so can save you not only money, but time as well. A search marketing agency can do most of the work for you. They have a team of experts that will carefully set up, manage and optimize your search marketing accounts for you. This includes doing research on your competition, finding the keywords that consumers ready to buy are likely to use, designing ad copies that attract their attention, creating and optimizing landing pages to get you a maximum amount of conversions and many other related tasks. By letting professional do the job, you can save countless hours and instead focus on running your business.

Of course, you still have the option of doing some or even most of the work yourself if you prefer. If you already have your campaigns up and running, you can hire a search engine marketing service to optimize them for best performance, or to do an audit of your setup and offer suggestions on how you can improve it.
Sticky Web Media is a search engine marketing firm based out of Los Angeles that helps small and mid-sized businesses get exposure on the Web through local marketing.

How to Build a Sphere of Influence in Real Estate

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Real estate agents, especially newbies, are finding themselves in an increasingly competitive environment searching for buyers and sellers. Although sales are higher than they were, the market is still very tight and deals can be elusive. That’s why it’s important to build a sphere of influence in your region, so that people around you keep your name in their minds when they are ready to make their moves. Following these methods, you’ll be able to maintain contact lists and keep yourself available to your clients.

Attend Conventions

Try to attend some conventions in your area on home improvement, home buying, or just general real estate topics. Being part of the knowledge circuit will help you brand yourself as an expert. Use your experience to inform your talks, like sharing stories you have about investments gone right. Don’t draw directly from your clients, that borders on unethical, but you can certainly use your experience to inform your discussions.

With work, and a snappy slideshow, you can make the circuit of most conventions if you decide to keep up with it. Speaking at even one of these shows would vastly increase your visibility, and would help to establish your own name as a brand.

Practical Freebies

Every agent is used to carrying a business card, and indulging in a bit of advertising here and there. Try to think practical with your branding, like purchasing branded versions of things people need. For instance, could you order small tape measures with your name and phone number on them to use during a showing? Perhaps pens or note pads with your branding, so that clients can draw layouts as they browse your open house. Thinking outside the box, and doing it well, also has a certain “wow” factor for new viewers.

By: Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a lifestyle brand and real estate brokerage firm based out of Irvine, California. Kuba Jewgieniew is a former stock broker with a passion for data-driven sales.

Get to Know Ted Dhanik, Co-Founder of Engage: BDR

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Ted Dhanik is co-founder of engage: BDR. As president and CEO of the company, he is responsible for managing several departments, including strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition. In addition he advises or serves on the board of several companies, including Fighter, LottoGopher, and Schizo Pictures.

At engage: BDR, Dhanik is responsible for serving advertisers with extensive marketing solutions through top-quality inventory, targeting capabilities, efficient pricing, and advanced proprietary technology. The firm is dedicated to providing solutions tailored to each campaign, and only uses brand-safe and placement-specific inventory.

Engage: BDR offers a host of services for advertisers and publishers. When it comes to products for advertisers, clients can take advantage of engage: BDR’s full range of products that integrate display, mobile, video and branded entertainment into a single network. Advertisers can utilize the firm’s RTB self-serve display platform, full-service video advertising solution, various types of data sources for targeting, and production studio.

Publishers can look forward to connecting with engage: BDR’s quality advertisers. According to the company website, engage: BDR offers a multi-channel platform of display, video, and mobile solutions designed to produce the most revenue for their inventory at the highest CPM.

Dhanik heads a talented team of managers and employees, many of whom are experts in the field of online media. According to the company website, the firm strives to encourage a work environment where employees can “inspire new technology, solutions and customers.” The management team at engage: BDR includes co-founder and COO Kurtis Rintala, a dedicated member of the team who is developing several web series for engage BDR’s entertainment department. Other members of the management team include CTO Ken Kwan, VP of Business Development and Branded Entertainment Jason Steingold, VP of Advertising Operations Raja Ghosh, and Director of Branded Entertainment Christ Vanger.

For more information about Ted Dhanik or engage: BDR please read the following articles:

Ted Dhanik: President and CEO, engage: BDR

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Ted Dhanik is president and CEO of engage: BDR, an integrated-media advertising company based in West Hollywood, CA. With a team of online media experts, Dhanik launched engage: BDR in 2007, bringing a wealth of talent and experience to a company that serves the advanced technological and marketing needs of digital marketers. As president and CEO of engage: BDR, Dhanik oversees strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition.

Throughout his career, Dhanik has performed as a high-impact marketing strategist with experience spanning strategic marketing, business development, and sales. He has focused relentlessly on product growth and innovation, and has great expertise in developing and launching products from scratch.

Before launching engage: BDR, he worked for as vice president of strategic marketing. It was his integrated on- and offline marketing strategy that launched the brand in all major markets. His contributions to the company also led to the creation of several MySpace brands, including the Celebrity concept. Dhanik was also responsible for creating, producing, and acquiring content and promotion strategies focused on sponsored integrated initiatives.

Prior to, Dhanik worked for, where he was responsible for launching a new product that grossed more than $20 million the first year, and $75 million the second year. He acquired sustainable relationships with some of the firm’s largest partners, as well as revived the company’s poorest performing product from $ 2 million a year to more than $50 million in the first year alone.
Before working for, he led business development for He started his career in sales before becoming director of business development for Xoriant Corporation.

Dhanik earned a bachelor’s in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University at Hayward. To find out more about Ted Dhanik or engage: BDR, please click on the following links:

Choosing the right Trade Show Displays

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Are your trade show displays up to par? Businesses today must seek and seize every possible opportunity to network and make their brand and products known. Trade shows are cramped and hurried occasions. People try to get to as many booths as possible and you need to have a display that is appealing, visible, and that induces enough interest and curiosity to make rushing passersby stop, take a look, and even talk to you or at least ask a few questions. Getting your message across in such settings usually means having a unique display. The display is your beacon, and you want it to be excellently presentable.

Vinyl banners are another important medium for your message, ad, or presentation. Store Fixtures are durable and exceptionally versatile. They can be displayed in countless ways and provide leeway for advertising in places that only supply tight spots. With a vinyl banner, you can make the most of available space. Being in a crowded room or street does not have to result in your being delegated to the background. Step into the light and garner all the attention you want with the correct display mediums. The form of your message is just as crucial as its content.

Setting out your trade show displays and vinyl banners is a straightforward task, but selecting their ideal location will require some ingenuity on your part. Still, this is not something to overcomplicate, either. Select a locale that is highly visible and that draws great foot traffic. Lastly, make sure your banners and displays are within the direct eyeline of those passing by.

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Ted Dhanik: Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist

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Based in West Hollywood, California, Ted Dhanik co-founded engage: BDR, a successful integrated media advertising company that owns several digital media ventures, including He serves as the firm’s president and vice president of business development, bringing to the table more than 15 years of experience in strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition.

As an internet/media specialist, Dhanik has worked in several major companies before finally launching engage: BDR in 2007. From 2003 to 2008, Dhanik worked at, where he was responsible for developing the strategic marketing strategy that launched the company in all major markets. He worked side-by-side with founders Ted Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, and provided the company with everything from new concepts for brands and products to internal advertising performance methodologies.

Prior to, Dhanik worked for, a premier website where consumers can compare low rates on monthly bills and reduce living costs. While there, he was responsible for creating and launching LMB’s home equity product. His efforts paid off when the product grossed more than $20 million the first year, and $75 million the second year. While also at LMB, he resurrected the poorest performing product, Debt Wizard, from $2 million a year to $50 million in the first year.

From 2000 to 2001, Dhanik worked in the business development department at During his time at Nextag, he helped the company launch its consumer lending/home and finance lead business. From 1999 to 2000, he was the director of business development at Xoriant Corporation, where he sold partnerships and oversaw systems integrations.

Earlier in his career, Dhanik worked in sales. From 1998 to 1999, he was the director of sales at Atesto Technologies, and worked inside sales at

Dhanik holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University at Hayward. To learn more, check out: