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The architecture and document flow of EDI

Organizations have several requirements when it comes to the implementation of EDI. Mostly, they want the EDI service to meet a set of objectives that will help the organization reach specific goals. Many of their fundamental objectives boil down to the following: Efficiency The primary goal is to do more with less. Organizations are pursuing efficiency gains, even at large capital cost, for longer... [Read more]

Managing construction investigations with an expert witness

Investigations into construction incidents often require an expert witness as numerous details will need to be revealed. Since expert witnesses have experience in different elements of construction investigations like forensic sciences and scientific standards they will be able to yield better results. If you are looking at a construction claims management system, an expert witness is a sensible addition... [Read more]

How a “Cash-less Future” Might Work

The future of payments may look a little bit different in the next few decades, and that’s because cash is slowly going the way of the Dodo bird. Cash has been a useful method to pay for transactions partially because it was the only verifiable method to do so. Cash had value, but checks and credit cards have slowly begun working their way into the fabric of modern society. In the next decades, cash... [Read more]

How to Invest in Success When it Comes to Property Ownership

Summary: Success doesn’t come easy as a landlord. Passive income might sound promising but there’s always a substantial amount of work put in beforehand. In today’s property ownership, there are plenty of good landlords but few great ones. This guide will showcase how you can elevate your success to new heights. Making the Right “Business” Decisions Many landlords tend to flop because they... [Read more]

Claim Mitigation

Written by Lyle Charles Construction projects are complex, highly sensitive and operate in changing environments. A construction claims consultant can manage construction projects and assist in claim mitigation. Explained below are some claim mitigation processes that can help construction firms minimize the occurrence of claims. The project plan – It is vital that the plan has a clear and carefully... [Read more]

3 Risks Business Owners Face from Payment Processing, and How to Avoid Them

Small business owners who are looking to break into the world of ecommerce rely on credit card processing services to supply the tools they need to transfer money digitally. That is fast becoming the norm, especially as more payments shift to mobile. Business owners can no longer afford to avoid digital transfers, but there are several risks they face trying to adopt these new systems. Read on for... [Read more]

Standards in EDI

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA No involvement in EDI will be possible without discussing the standards involved. The standards govern how EDI messages are built. In this article we will look at what the standards are, what make up the standards and standards are chosen. It helps to start out knowing that EDI messages are built using a syntax. More importantly, there is more than... [Read more]

Four factors to consider when selecting an expert witness

Written by Lyle Charles The right expert witness can ensure that you foster successful outcomes. Litigation can be stressful for the parties involved and a good construction expert witness can reduce or eliminate these outcomes. Here are 4 factors that should be considered when selecting an expert witness. Ensure your expert is willing to see the case through to the end – Some professionals will... [Read more]

Areas to consider when creating a Business Plan for a gelato shop

Written by Gelato Products Creating a business plan is an important step to making a business successful, mainly because a business plan will summarize the steps that the business will take to grow and reach its goals. If you are looking at opening a gelato stop, it is best to draw up a clear business plan to ensure you stay competitive. Here are a few areas to consider. Main investments – It is... [Read more]

How Important is a Background Check to the Hiring Process?

Employers need to face a fundamental question for themselves: how important is it to run a criminal background check for employment? For some industries, running these checks is one of the most important aspects of applying for a job, because it clears someone to handle money or to drive long distances without becoming a liability to the company. In this guide, you’ll learn when to start doing background... [Read more]

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